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Winkey Bio specialized in 3 Field of peptide for many years.

1.Generic Ppetide:Winkey Bio supply 30 kinds of generic peptide such as Octreotide Acetate,Eptifibatide Acetate,Thymopentin,Somatostatin Acetate etc.

2.Cosmetic peptide:We 've successfully researched and manufactured over 70 kinds of cosmetic peptides,including skin-whitening,skin protecting ,

anti-aging,anti-wrinkle,Lash-pro,hair growth peptides and so on.

3.Custom peptide:Winkey Bio has a long-standing commitment to high quality custom peptide work, We have been producing custom peptides 

for research organizations, universities and pharmaceutical companies throughout world. Winkey Bio serves our customer with outstanding prices and high quality products. 

Contact us : If you have any inquires, questions or comments regarding our products and services, please contact us at the address below. 

We look forward to hearing from you and shall respond as soon as possible.



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